Fill This feature film Innocence of Muslims

Fill This feature film "Innocence of Muslims" earth-shattering was, In just a few days, the film titled "Innocence of Muslims" directly into the spotlight. This amateur film quickly became controversial because it is considered blasphemy air content and assessment of Islam. This two-hour movie and it insults and insulting the Prophet Muhammad and Muslims.

In the film, depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a charlatan. Prophet is described as a man of weak philanderer.

Prophet Muhammad also described has approved the sexual abuse of children.

The depiction of the prophet in this film also anger Muslims of Egypt and Libya.

This movie trailer has been circulating on YouTube. Sam Bacile as the filmmakers chose the actors and actresses amateur. In the film, Sam involved 59 actors and 45 crew.

Fim is rumored to be made during the summer of 2011. (

Innocence of Muslims: Made carelessly, Starring Stories Not Told Contents
Like what the movie is actually called the Innocence of Muslims and the Prophet Mohammed has sparked many protests led to violence, which has killed even the U.S. ambassador in Libya? The origin of the film that turned out to be made carelessly and memorable amateurs began to unfold after an actress in California, USA, admitted to being involved in the movie but did not know the real story.

The mass of protesters tried to climb the gates of the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen, Thursday (13/09/2012) in the action movie slammed Innocence of Muslims. (Jibi / Solopos / Reuters)

Cindy Lee Garcia of Bakersfield, California, which is visible in the scene cuts appeared briefly in the film, which is now circulating on the Internet, said last year was called to participate in the film. In his confession, the film knowingly titled Desert Warrior Desert Knights alias. "It was so weird, I've never undergone anything like it. There are plenty of oddities in there, "he said in a telephone interview.

Movie scene cuts are then uploaded on YouTube in a number of titles including the Innocence of Muslims showed character depicted the Prophet Muhammad made some rude and negative actions. For Muslims, depicting the Prophet Muhammad is physically big insult.

Garcia said the film was made in the summer of 2011 and was made in a church near Los Angeles. The characters acting in front of a large green screen that will be the background image is projected. "There are about 50 players involved," he said.

A vacancy announcement cast film that has expired on the site acting and quest guides actor,, showing a movie called Desert Warrior is referred to as "low-cost films about historical adventure in the Arabian desert. In the list of cast and characters in the film that no one named Muhammad. "They tell stories about the past 2,000 years, as in the time of Jesus," said Garcia.

A number of U.S. media reported Tuesday night the film was made man who called himself Sam Bacille, a property developer US-Israeli citizen. In his confession Bacille called the film was made at a cost of U.S. $ 5 million, which funded about 100 Jewish investors. But identity is also difficult Bacille confirmed whether it is true or just a pseudonym. Data also menyantumkan names similar, and Sam Bassiel as producer, while the director's name Alan Roberts. These names are also completely unsubstantiated.

Then there is Steven Klein, a California resident who claimed to be a consultant and spokesperson for the film project, but not to the producers. He also recognizes the names listed in the crew list is likely a pseudonym. "I never met him [Sam Bacille]. I do not know where he's from. I just know he's not Israel's Jewish and I'm just guessing he gave a false identity to protect his family, which to my knowledge is in the Middle East, "he explained. Klein was found at his home in Hemet, California, calls himself a former member of the U.S. Marines and he admitted deliberately asked the filmmakers to be hiding.

An NGO activity tracking radical groups and instigator of hate, Southern Poverty Law Center describes Klein has links with right-wing extremists. When Klein asked about it, he denied.

The film itself looks very cheap as a movie, in which the dialogues being rude while acting cast is also very stiff. Klein called the film had played with another title at a cinema in California, but because no one bought tickets, the film was eventually turned off.

While Garcia, starring women who appear in the film scene cuts at YouTube, said in a scenario that received no scene he was forced to hand over a child to a character named Master George, described as a leader who was harsh and cruel. However, in pieces that appear on the YouTube scene, the scene in which Garcia appeared just dubbed or in-dubbing, and a character named Master George was called Muhammad.

Garcia called him to know the producer named Sam Bassil, who spoke with access foreign pitched. Garcia claimed the producer had called it after news of bloody protests in Libya due to the film appeared. "I told him why he behaves like that and make me in a position that makes no one was killed because of that movie?" He said. Sam by Bassil he replied that it was not one of Garcia.