Influence Among Online Game at Youth

Influence Among Online Game at Youth, Effect Games Online - Play games online for teens, first to middle level students even kindergarten children is not familiar in this day and age. Many of the facts that we have encountered, with a survey to the cafe-cafe it is not uncommon among adolescents and even children who are maen game online. Internet cafe business is behind this online game game berkembangannya mushroomed in major cities in Indonesia, even to the rural areas. The development of Internet cafe in Indonesia over the last few years looks very rapidly. From the results of a survey conducted by some of our colleagues in some cafes are generally seen fulfilled by no later among students who always come to spend their time playing online games, and sometimes they are willing to not go to school (truancy) just to play games online.

What the students are sometimes unnoticed by their parents, there are some reasons to convince his parents, whether it's studying at a friend's house, or there is a school event. In this case the parents should have to pay more attention to another child - their child, at least know where they are after school.

To find out more on this phenomenon, some of our colleagues mentioned above, try to direct surveys and interviews to multiple users simultaneously cafe facilities (online game) in one of the cafes in the area of ​​Pondok Gede, Bekasi. In this place practically always crowded / high demand by students who want to play games online.